Prepare For Your Trip

Pre-Travel Checklist

Educate and Protect Yourself

Prepare To Travel

  • Gather your Travel documents and ID – passport, vouchers, contact information, travel insurance information, international driver’s license, credit card(s), cash
  • Fill prescriptions for all travelers to ensure you have enough while traveling and in case of delays returning home
  • Inform your credit card company of ALL of your travel plans
  • Check with your cell provider about using your cell phone in your destination
  • You may want to purchase an international plan and know what it covers
  • Pay bills that will be due while you are traveling
  • Leave your itinerary with your emergency contact
  • Download apps for your airlines and set up or allow alerts
  • Note pre-departure check-in times for your domestic and international flights
  • Contact your airlines to provide:
    • Passport information as needed
    • Select seats and/or pay for upgrades
    • Verify your luggage meets their size restrictions
  • Verify the batteries in your electronicsare allowed on the flights, check here
  • Reserve your airport parking spot, if necessary, or arrange your rides to and from the airport

Prepare Your Home

  • Inform your home security system monitoring company of your plans
  • Tell a trusted neighbor you are leaving
  • Hold your mail and/or newspaper
  • Clean out your refrigerator / Eat, give away or throw out perishable food
  • Secure outdoor items
  • If you worry about leaving the stove on, etc., take pictures so you can check later
  • Close your garage door and/or lock your house

  • Day(s) Before Departure – Confirm any reservations and travel arrangements per the supplier documentation

  • Day Before Departure – Check-in for your flights